Thursday, August 25, 2011

the earth is turning...

Today this was my view, lying on my back in my yoga session, at my aunties house.

She has been a swami ever since I can remember, probably since not long after she had had 3 small children. While the third was a couple of weeks old and had been born prem and was still in hospital her young husband died in a boat accident. Gone.

She never remarried. She was a school teacher, one you wish every child had. yoga at the start of each day.

She has just turned 70 and she teaches yoga to the very young through to the oldies.

She has really lived her life, still living her life to a beautiful tune. She built this house over 30 years ago, and at its center  this window sits, where it views the turning of the earth. Clouds slide across its view, raindrops fall gently on it, and the sun blisters its heat onto it.

Today while I was supposed to be doing my yoga nidra relaxation I could not take my eyes off it. watching the world spin, putting me in a spin, trying to make sense of this world.

I have a privileged life. I do. But I wont compare myself to the less fortunate to make myself feel better.
I wont say I am lucky, look at my life. Using their heartache to make me FEEL better for my life.

We have no idea what is around the corner for any of us at any moment. Their are children dying of horrible things in this world, on our earth, while we lie and watch it spin.

What I will do is not abuse my privileges. I hold and cuddle my children. I adore them. But they are the same as children all over this earth, no more special than any other child.

we are all children of this earth.

within a blink our life can change, within a blink it can be gone.

within a blink it can be lived.


  1. Too true Rex I have to say every minute it seems in each day I seem to be very conscious of these days. I wish I could join you at your aunties yoga it is something I think I could thoroughly get something out of these days. The other would be joining me in a wine as I write this and talking over what you've written here.

  2. amen

    funnily enough, it's wine o'clock here as well ;-)

  3. What a lovely post....yes, life can change in an instant....have to wait a couple more hours till it's wine o'clock here... :)

  4. I have looked at this image for years. Funnily your photo presents an image like an umbrella. A new look. A thought provoking post.

  5. beautiful post; such a wonderful way to look at life;
    I think being alive is such a beautiful privilege;
    xo sandra

  6. I appreciate your honestly here Rex. I have written about the theme of "guilt" that has run through my life, for having what I do when so many are struggling, friends included. However, I understand now, that I am blessed and I just need to use my time here to make a difference while acknowledging that every moment is a priviledge and to make the most of it. Everyone faces difficulties, and those are relative to us, in our lives whoever we are, feeling like we shouldn't feel unhappy because there are so many others in worse situations, does us no good at all, it just makes us feel lower. Sometimes we really just need to draw on our inner strengh and brush ourselves down and get on with it and know that the bad times will pass. Not easy though!