Thursday, December 8, 2011

The metal christmas tree.

Yeppy, we have metal christmas trees. They are the best. Each year the metal man makes us a christmas tree, and each year they will retire to the dam bank. Last year was a corrugated iron xmas tree, this year is a swirly xmas tree. They are stunning. They make my heart sing. I am not into fancy prancy xmas fare, but I like a little glimmer, being of the artsy kind.

xmas decorations

Swirly metal xmas tree branches

The magic of a shiny xmas tree.

Native flora xmas wreath.

Me with me xmas (instagram) glow, that smoothes away the wrinkles
and highlights (hides) the streaks of gray.

Happy december.....

Last years metal tree.


  1. Love those metal trees, lucky you! Love your photos of your decorations too, and your beautiful face :)

    More pics of you!

  2. Great idea to have a metal Christmas tree for a change and it's good way to recycle scrap metal.
    I always feel sad for all the trees that are chopped down just for Xmas!
    Good to see you with a halo. Lovely photo! ;-)

  3. Wow! Your swirly tree is so very beautiful. I really like that wreath too. I keep trying to make wreaths, but they don't go well. Just between you and me, I suspect you'd look equally lovely with or without the Instagram glow. ;)

  4. So nice to have such artistry in the family! Very sweet indeed!

  5. Hey! Have you ever noticed, has your writting level improved lately?