Sunday, February 21, 2016

Memory recall.

Trigger me. C'mon have a go.

Cover me like violent snow.

Ice my heart with frosted visions.

Ignite my redundant memory.

Permit the rage of pain and fire.

Burn the haze and defrost the truth.

I can take it now. I'm stuck in no mire.

Let me see it. Let me feel it.

Don't give me halves an quarters.

I'm the earths innocent daughter.

Born to trust the arms that held me.

But slaughtered by premature exposure.

My mind shut off.

Skipping over all the land-mines to exist in wonderland.

Lost to the majestic birds in that make believe land.

But I cant live there anymore.

I need a truth that will set me straight.

Hit me with that recall, anytime, anyplace.

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