Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our very own trailer park.


Great out look, rural attractions, rooster alarm clocks, outdoor bathing, home cooked al fresco meals, play mates provided and possum roof rattling included.

What more could you want?


So for unique bush, trailer park expierence reviews call LUCA On : 8857773746744722099.....

We love having you here, you make our life richer and fuller.......
LOVE your familings xxxxxooooooooo

P.S. One day we just may have a more fancy abode for you to lay your sleepy head.


  1. Well it does look idyllic but life in the rural setting does have its challenges hey luca

  2. Oh, so no vacancy till March then? :)

  3. Haha gold! love it.
    5 star definitely !!

  4. I want to come for a visit! Just our style.

  5. Sadly our little pop top will be vacant today as Luca finishes her teaching placement and heads back to Uni.....Mana has already started missing her and Jonah wants to Know why she cant just keep on living here.

    Thanks for the 5 star rating and will make sure we keep it available just for you, but as you can see we have a few more occupants in the wings. So when you have rounds next year Lutey, it will be available for you again (if our house is still stuck in the planning permit stage, that is.) All of you are welcome to stay in the meantime.

    Bye bye Lutey, love you xxx