Saturday, October 22, 2011

a princess growing into a warrior girl.

We like to dote on our little princess, but recently we got tired of all the
pink and frills and over the top princess stories. So now we are telling her warrior
girl stories and she has taken a real liking to them. So expect to see
more warrior than princess soon......


  1. Warrior princesses rock! Make sure you post any good stories you find on the way. Very fab photo.

  2. I love the warrior girl. She is a great adventurer and she is my guide and leader in the bush. She stamps her feet to keep the snakes away and she discovers new wild flowers

  3. Have you got the book about the paper bag princess?

    Also love the photo.


  4. Go warrior girl! Hi Jen, I dont have that book but I will have a look for it now. How long before your move to thailand?

  5. Love it. Someone mentioned paper bag princess on my blog today - isn't that freaky, I hadn't heard of it until today and now Ive seen it twice. She's gorgeous.

  6. Hi Rex!
    We're leaving Dec 31 but will be up your way for Christmas.
    See you then fo shizzle!
    x JL