Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a secret island.


This lake sits in the valley of the Gariwerd (Grampians) mountains and we often cross to the other side. It is quite remote, and after we had serious landslides and floods earlier this year that closed a large proportion of the national park, it is even more so now. It is the best, we never see anyone there and Mana thinks it is a secret island that we only go to. I love that. We do however have to watch for snakes and biting bull ants, but we have to do that everywhere anyway. So this is our little treasure spot and we love it. I also wrote about it here with some sketches too.


  1. It's a MUST to have secret spots that only "you" know about! This one looks very special.

  2. humm i love the idea of a secret island. this one looks particulary beautiful..aaahh. Australia. so beautiful.
    xo sandra

  3. Looks fantastic! I want a secret island :)

  4. To be in a childs head when anything can be something......

    I remember that feeling of turning a bare patch of earth and a tree into a magical world....