Friday, January 28, 2011


Thought it might be time to get a little more personal and opinionated as that seems to be the flavor at the moment..... (I feel squirming...). What I mean is about the artistic creations that mean something to me, (sighs of relief....). So I will be working on putting more depth into this site in the way of my feelings of what things touch me and the promotion of artists with links etc..

Also on the self sufficient side of things I will be adding to it with more ideas for people to attain this and how damn simple it is!! We as the funny human things we are like to make things as complicated as possible, but I am willing to try and use my capabilities to simplify this idea and establish that passion can prompt us to our foggy dreams of living the life we have always aspired too. I believe its all lifestyle choices..for the most part and focussing on what you want your life to be.

In moments of clarity this is what I feel.
(I wrote this in an e-mail to a friend a few years back It came in my thoughts so clear and instinctively honest).


With all that the earth is and what it ever shall be, is in the landscape of ancient life  and we are an organism with too much brain! But nevertheless we are what we are, with the ability to love, give, feel, heal and explore what is a cycle of life we never seem to entirely grasp perhaps! To tune into earth's senses is a strength of beautiful harmony.  People who have separated from the natural giving life force now tune with the hum of anger, greed, and machines that give only little- but take so much.

Everyday is beauty with the silence and stillness of nature growing and forming no matter what chaos surrounds it  and what hurt and pain consumes people. need is to help give the earth its binding roots to allow it to nurture its scarred and tarred surface to give children the sense of belonging to the land that they are formed from so they have the strength to be balanced and loved by nature even if humanity fails to take care of each other the earth will.

25 - 9 - 06

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