Sunday, January 30, 2011

felting all over the world

Having a couple of friends here in Australia that do some amazing felting I was interested to see the kind of felting they do in south africa. Here is a couple of pieces I found.

We were in the lovely little town of Franschhoek when we came across these Felted cushions made to look like river stones, in one of the many galleries in this artistic little town.

Ronal Jordan is the artist that created these (click top pic to go to  her site).

                              I thought this felting was so beautiful and natural.
                                             The tones are lovely and soft.
  Mielie is a south african business that provides a regular income to some 50 people (mostly women) who handcraft the products that they design. Wherever possible they use recycled materials. This blog (click below) is all about their products, the people who make it happen and what inspires them.


  1. Love those river stones. Bet I could find a spare corner for a couple at our place. Did you come back with full suitcases?

  2. I wish, they are nice hey! One day we will have to learn to felt ourselves! (we have a few sheep to provide the ingredients, Just need to find the time!!)