Thursday, January 20, 2011

South Africa

Creations in south Africa...

At boulders bay Jonah bought a beaded Zebra from this zimbabwean man. He had left zimbabwe 10 years ago and wont return until the Mugabe goverment is gone... (same!)
Jungle gym/ playground south african style

zimbabwean bead art.


  1. Are you homesick for it yet?!

  2. The challenges face us all but africa can take you for the ride

  3. Hi kylie, yeah am, Just not the traveling exhausting with a little one. Jonah was brilliant, perfect age to travel! We must plan a trip to zim somehow...someway at sometime!!! hope you are all well !

  4. Maybe it'll all be good by the time Sanura is Jonah's age! Not sure we can wait that long:) All good here, looking fwd to catching up