Friday, March 9, 2012

Its friday again.

 time moves in a way I can't grasp it  some weeks.... 

I hate foggy weeks, where you can't keep your feet on the ground and your mind gets mixed and tangled up.
And you just can't untangle the thoughts and nothing feels right.
Last week was one such week.
So I thought I would try and untangle some of it here.


I started this blog wanting to show Wayne's sculpture and documenting our path and journey to our self sufficient life. But things can get lost on those intertwining path's at times.

I also started it to get creative. And I have, with my drawing's and my words. 
That, has been amazing.
I didn't figure how exhausting it could be though.
(Especially when you drag your inner angst out here.)

I didn't know about following and liking and all that. I did not know you could get to know others through blogging. It's not what I was looking for. I have beautiful friends here where I live and afar.

But, I have connected with beautiful people here, finding out about their lives, creations, their thoughts and their stories. Its lovely cause you know they are genuine, and you know they have big lives on the other side and that blogging is just one aspect to it.
I love that.

Just thought I would get that out.
Cause life's short...... and all moments count.

Inspiration, admiration and respect is what these people do.

Nell always inspires me to be adventuress. When I am pussy footing around the dam about jumping in
I think, mmmmm Nell wouldn't waste time, she would be in there. So I dive in. 

Bloodsingns and tinsenpup always show me how to be thoughtful and honest in writing and I just love that so, so, much.

Edenland is  honest and hilarious and.... scary. 

Clare has beautiful art and her mind is so gentle and considerate.
Auroran is so lovely and kind with her thoughts too.

These are just a few. Just wanted to get that out too.
(the rest of you Cass, Elaine, Tania, Barb and Leah. I know you in the flesh so I can tell you when I see you next, what I like about you. ok.)

So here is a little drawing I been working on, after having lost my way for a while.

And on other news after my hard days post...this happened!

So, on monday on  the way to pre-school drop off, she says" can you just take me in and leave Mum"........

Righto, sure, yes your a big girl, unhuh, ok, Mmmmmmm.

Sure enough as I get cosy to spend the next hour to settle her in. She says "okay seeya later mum".

So I leave. Miracle!

 A god damn Frigging miracle. That is all I can say.

And every day since has been the same....

Wayne made this baby last weekend, so cute.


  1. So glad that things are looking up Rex. You're a strong, resilient, sensitive, wonderful person but when different parts of our person dominate at times it's hard. Then it all balances and things feel so much more right.
    PS. It's hard when your baby grows up isn't it, but wonderful to watch them grow...

    1. Thank you Kylie, it means alot to hear that. How is Nyasha going at kindy?

    2. Nyasha loves it, and my baby is getting used to doing things without her big sister but both still love seeing their mum at the end of a session. Love those big teary eyed cuddles.

  2. Rex, Thank you for mentioning me here. I have thoroughly enjoyed our connection and seek out your posts several times a week. You are an inspiration to me. I appreciate how real you are. You have been through a lot and persevered. I feel strength from you. I sincerely hope to someday jump in the water with you -either here or there! Truly looking forward to this new adventure you are on. Its always hard to fit in the creative things we enjoy. Thats just the life of being a parent. So I try to look for my creativity in other ways when I cant draw or paint: everything from cooking to just being in the moment. Thank you for being YOU!

    1. Lovely Nell, would love to swim the waters of the world somewhere together. You are a fantastic women who lives life to the fullest. And that is so inspirational.

  3. Oh rexy its so wonderful it's it?! That's what I love about the world of blogging, how you find people who speak to your soul - and distance is no issue! Of course there are downsides to the internet (as nan will point out to me reguaraly haha) but it can be the most inspiring, incredible community too.
    And I am constantly blown away by how beautiful your writing is and without this space may never have realised :)
    Good work Mana! Baby sisterling is growing up *sniffle* (is the baby sculpture dad's way of saying he wants another one?!) haha
    Ps sorry I got so carried away in the comments of the last post, I have too much time to think at the moment :)

    1. Ha ha Cass.....Noooooooo. As we said its his need for a grandchild hehe!

      Its amazing, to connect whit such wonderful people.

  4. Thanks for sharing your blog and you. It's a beautiful world with your blog in it!

  5. Yes indeed, I agree with all your words. Sometimes the harsh reality of this world gets me down - I worry that there aren't enough good people around anymore - but then when I sit down and read others blogs, skip around the world - I feel relief, for there are so many kind people, gentle people, good people and I sigh a breath of relief.

    1. Its true, its nice to know there are souls really caring about people and the world.

  6. And thank you to you too Rex. You have given me the confidence to really get stuck into my blog and go for it. It's liberating! And thank you for introducing me to all those other wonderful bloggers you talk about (and others). I'm learning so much. xxx

  7. Yay, Leah....I see some one requested your deepest and darkest..... You have a lot to say, don't be afraid. your writing will be your best therapist.

  8. Thank you, Rex. I hadn't properly realised how much I've missed you and your blog. It's so nice to be here catching up.

  9. You too tinsenpup, I really missed reading your amazing stories, words and just everything.