Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yum Yum

Beautiful melt in your mouth grapes.
These are the ones Jonah can pick
out his window.
Peaches have grown so well they
 have snapped the branches with
 their weight.

Great harvest of apples. Also so heavy with fruit the
branches are dragging on the ground.

 So many more on the tree still.

2 Zucchini plants is all you need to get
 at least 2-3 zucchinis every day.
First sneaky little butternut. These came
about after entertaining Mana with some
old seeds I thought were no good.
 She planted them all around the edge
of a garden bed and every single

 seed grew!
 Not bad produce for a 3 year old......

Roma tomatoes sweet!!

So the bad news is our Almonds have fed the Yellow tailed black cockatoos this year and they have left none for us and there was so many this year!!! But we can share (sometimes). The locusts ate our celery, rhubarb and silver beet, but the rhubarb is starting to come back (but so are the locusts!!!) so not sure where that leaves us.... but at the moment we are harvesting leeks, tomatoes, zucchinis, garlic, apples peaches, grapes along with all our fresh herbs and thats brilliant!


  1. Wow! That all looks fantastic! Shame about the Almonds, hopefully you will get a big fat bunch next year and the locusts will stay away. Enjoy your homegrown goodies.

  2. How much rhubarb would you like?! I can restock you with your original rhubarb too if the locusts win. Those grapes look amazing.

  3. That would be super, they are just hoppers at the moment so will see what happens!! We have a few rhubarb shoots coming back!!