Tuesday, December 6, 2011

still holding hands.

I think this is the second anniversary we have remembered in 14 years. The last was the 10th. So we are doing alright. I kinda wish this was a wordless wednesday, but it is not so I cant just leave it up to photos.
So heres one photo. And a few words. To see more photos click here

Not sure what we looking at, but the feeling in me on that day still sits deep in my heart.
( now you can and puke somewhere...)


  1. Happy Anniversary Rex and Wayne! I still have a photo framed of the six of us girls together on that day. I can't bring myself to put it away. I like the memories!

  2. Its nice to have a hand to hold for the duration. Congratulations. ps: I am very curious what you are looking at too...

  3. Thanks guys, I love that photo too Tania, Good photos all round!

    I Think we were looking up to the mountain in awe....I think!

  4. It was a beautiful wedding and great day. Funny, I was just thinking about the goldfish you had on the tables and it reminded me to look at your blog - and there were the goldfish!
    And how cute are Cassi and Luca in that picture?!

  5. Forgot to say . . . :)

    Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary!
    Beautiful photos and love your dress... It looks like it was a magical day with family and friends.
    You never forget your wedding day with all the lovely memories. ;-)

  7. Those poor fish, everybody trying to save them. Not my idea...I just let everything happen around me. Very refreshing. (I hope you are going to start a blog about your new life in Thailand???) That would be so good!!

    Thanks Joanne for your lovely thoughts.

  8. You guys are the sweetest, made for each other couple I know. Hope we're something like that in another 10 years :)

  9. You look pretty unconcerned, but he looks a little horrified by whatever he's seeing. Congratulations! I love that you're still so much in love.