Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A phone call.

Don't you just love tele-marketers?..... no?....Me either.

If you happen to spend a fair amount of time at home during the day, you will know the annoying calls that come. Discount holidays, solar energy packages, electricity comparisons, TELECOM.... "just wanted to inform you that as of your next bill you will be receiving a discount....... when you sign up today"..... Oh and my absolute fav, "there is a error coming up on your computer mail we need you to go to your computer and we will instruct you how to rectify this" When I tell them "I don't have a computer!...... " They promptly hang up! bastards!

Like on Monday, it seemed to be a bad day for them! I got two electricity related ones and then a hang up one and then one were I just hung up, cause there was a delay......

Then it rang again.... same number....... and someone said "can I speak to Wayne" so then I thought it was some one from Wayne's work......

BUT it wasn't, it was a young man ringing from the greek islands to ask for Wayne's daughter's hand in MARRIAGE!

YES, these two adorable's are engaged. We wish them all the love in the world. They have so much respect for each other. So much support and love for each other.

And we can not wait to see them next month, when they finally return from their nine months of travel.

Congrats, we are so chuffed.
love familimgs.


  1. So excited for them both. Congratulations. Can't wait to give them a hug

  2. Thanks rexy! We cant wait to see you either! Love you guys xxx

  3. Yay! So exciting!

    (P.S. Rex - put your number on the Do Not Call Register, it really works. Do a search and you'll find the website. You can sign up online.)

  4. You have to keep do it every two years and it doesn't get everyone of them though

  5. What a great call to receive!

  6. Married! Yay! yay! Oh wow my mum was right when she said childhood swims by so quickly.. and now Cassie is to be wed?
    Pow.. how... utterly.. divinely.. abstract?
    Hah, much love you guy's
    Jen jen