Monday, April 2, 2012


Wayne made, designed and installed these gates here a few years ago at the local botanical gardens and they have rusted to perfection and have assimilated with the landscape in a earthy and functional way.

Really......, this is what Wayne should be doing...... and then I should be writing about it. But if you notice my about update in the side bar - that is the actual reality. ( I wrote that and put it there last year wayne - and I have been wondering if you have noticed it ever since........)

How do you change what your reality is?

Anyway, I just had to delete a paragraph, where I was starting to mull this over and get all meaningful, and frankly I have not the time for such things today.

So, moving on..... Rebekah.

Wayne was recently asked to make another sculpture for the botanical gardens - this time it is a base to lay river rocks into a pyramid shape, and here are some photos of the work in progress.

This  actually shows you Wayne's stock-pile of goodies that he makes sculpture out of.

The flat sheet he started out with. It had rained and this was the relief shape.

Construction and support for a sculpture of such size needed.

Joining the metal bands together.

Out in the light of day. It is in two sections and will be welded together on site. So transport is possible as its 3 meters in  diameter.

This is wayne. I took this photo yesterday while he was chatting to his daughter Luca.

Yesterday Wayne arrived in Australia 25 years ago. Yes, april fools day. He was 25 years of age and had been traipsing around europe. He had planned to go back to Zimbabwe, but in a wonderful turn of events he was destined to come to Australia. He is, a bit of a joker. But his heart is as big and wide as the open land of outback Australia, and is as adventuress and powerful as the Zimbabwean planes.
Follow you dreams Waynie.

Happy 25 years. x


  1. Happy 25 years! Love you xxx

  2. Love and miss you too.... Dada

  3. Such beautiful work! And congratulations on the journey Wayne.

  4. 4 wonderful masterpieces and an amazing family were created and many beautiful sculptures

    love you dad x

    1. Not without great help and support from you.
      Love you too.... Dada

  5. Indeed, happy 25 years Wayne! I can't wait to see the sculpture in situ.

  6. wonderful work on those gates.
    And happy home finding to Wayne :)