Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Pleased to say I am having an un-lost day today opposed to yesterday when I was having a completely mislaid day...

Today I have regained some of me, today is today and there wont ever be a day like it again. So this got me thinking about days , then weeks, then months, then years, and that every year Everyone always says " this year just flew by".

Its true and I seem to get confused in my head that I am not 14 anymore and that I am creeping ever so close to 40....CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!

Some may say get over it we all grow old.. responsibilities and blah, blah,blah....

But.... I can't keep up.......I can not keep up with my age...MY body does but my brain just gets so lost.

I want to hang on to time... I want to physically slow it down.....I want somehow to spin more time so I can catch my breath and make sense of where I am.

So heres a drawing I started on sunday afternoon at the nearby lake. I finished it today and its basically me (the spider) spinning more time by reaching my web to objects and special things that happened that day. Father and son were out in the boat, me and Mana were making splashes and collecting, what we thought was a dead dragonfly actually came back to life. So here it is escaping my web to fly free again. It was floating upside down in the tiny waves seemingly dead. The tannin stained leaves that turned midnight black became candles in sand cakes. The little pebbles that ingrained them selves in gathering paterns along the shore line are all now trapped in my web catching sketch and this is how I am learning to spin more time.


  1. Really enjoying ur drawings Rex. Just visited the whalebone gallery before. I enjoy going and having a squiz. I completely relate to every word you say. I feel extremely young in mind but alas the body doesn't seem to be the same as it was all those years ago. Ha ha the brutality of it all!!! Glad you have found yourself today. I often lose myself too. I think the creative soul planned it that way. Disgraceful really!

  2. I just had a laugh. I just noticed blackberry wine. Love this book. I lost it along the way. I just love that bottle of wine sitting there talking to you!!!

  3. you are very talented berekah!! i definately know dad didn't post this one x

  4. Beautiful sketch. You incorporated so much into this...sort of feels a bit like surrealism to me.

  5. Hey tania, I love it when wine talks to me too!! so since you are in Port fairy.. is the port talking to you? he he.... I am having so much fun drawing again.
    Glad you are not confused this time luca....and thankyou...sweet girl.
    Thanks shayla, and I hadn't thought of it being surrealism, but your right I can see were I am heading, and I like it.

  6. Well done and great reflection. I can appreciate the desire to live more in the present moment and realize where we are and who we are. The spider web is a very apt metaphor. I really enjoyed the dragonfly story too.