Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am a hoarder of our children's art.

splodging paint at playgroup
Jonah with whiskers..
It is stashed under beds in plastic tubs, in between every second
book on our shelves, in between bill piles and slotted in the magazine stacks.

I cant keep the paper up fast enough for our son and I have been keeping
them since his first pencil, crayon, brush touched the surface.

I tell myself its the experience of drawing they need not every
line and scribble and dot to keep... but I just cant bare to scrunch
that paper to toss in the bin..

and before you mention scrap booking and all the organized things
 perfect parents do.. forget it, thats just not me.

so for now I will add them to this blog for all to see.

all created by mana.... ( I think this is me)

sparkling ballerina
finger painting in the backyard


  1. OH LOVE IT!! (especially the not scrap booking bit!)AND all the great work too! I am the same - I keep so much of the kids work, and now have started taking pics of some that are too big or too collage-y to keep! My eldest (nearly 8)loves to get out all his 'old' work and remember and laugh and comment on the crazy looking abstract 'people' of his 'young years' hehe...so much fun! I also find looking at the work lands me in a particular time and place so quicky, art has a funny way of making memory. keep posting!

  2. yes they are beautiful to look back on and such an important part of a child's journey on making sense of their world. An artist friend gave Jonah a journal for his birthday that she started off for him by pasting in pictures and drawings of rockets, planets, space and things that he loves, and he has it out every morning and night adding to it... drawing, painting, writing......It was such a great idea.

  3. I have a wall of the kids art framed. It seems only right they get their spot on the wall as well bi do have a lot of work stashed but have also wrapped alot of presents with their artwork over the years. Very handy.
    Love the work!