Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fires, treasures, zucchinis and super heros.

Jonah had his 10th birthday on the weekend and here he is as keeper of the fire
with his superman t-shirt on which he recently bought in chinatown in
kular lumpur.
He will always be our super hero!

click on pic to have a better look.

Just realized the other day that my little nokia phone also does
the panoramic thingy as well, so Cassie figured out how to do it and she snapped
this superb shot while mulling the view by the fire.

The party featured Overgrown Zucchini tossing, a massive treasure hunt
and the pinata, which we definitely need to make stronger as 10 year olds 
like bashing sticks at lolly filled things hanging from trees........

Cas will have some more pics on her blog soon.


  1. Happy 10th birthday Jonah!! It seems that not so long ago you were just a little jellybean in ur mums tummy. Now I am feeling older, but in a good way......

  2. The pic turned out good! Can't believe the quality considering it was taken on a phone :) I'm working on the pics this weekend so will post a few soon. I think I was too busy taking pics of little familings so not so many of the party oops!! xx

  3. Hey Tania, time just seems to fly!! I should really frame some of the kids work also, I tend to give them those little canvas to paint. By the way i love your beach drawing on your blog very cheeky...!!

    Yeah the pic is good cass, and cant wait to see your photos!!!