Saturday, April 2, 2011

thinking about frida

I just new that as soon as I thought of Frida Khalo and then decided to write a little about her on a sculptured life that she would fit perfectly, merging into the life of this digital creation. But she has always fitted into our life from the beginning.

 I  was first confronted with her and Diego in that first year away in melbourne at the art school. Instant magnetism to her art drew me in as they projected her onto the old shabby wall of the classroom and having not seen anything like this I was overwhelmed, and then they told me her story........

Wayne also had the same admiration for her art instantly, and so she has always had a place here in our dialogue and our book shelves. She has as much lushness in her work as there is harshness and it epitomizes a pure representation of life.

Her art was her pain, her life, it illustrated her reality.

she said "I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration."
So my thoughts are that art is always related to our life in such an intrinsic, intimate way whether it be born from trauma, happiness or just emotion and feelings of the everyday. I think its her honesty that draws you to her art  and to see the beauty mixed with the despair in such a way that is so compelling.

If you have not read her story or seen her paintings you can clink link below.


Speaking of pain I have been laid about with some back ache myself in the last few days and found myself with grey leads and paper so I did some squiggles.
They are not finished as the shading needs work... but well its a start after a very long long time and maybe one day I will be as honest as Frida.


  1. Amazing woman. My old lecturer draw my attention to how much he loved the color of her home he visited. A great blue!! Her works are incredible. Straight from the heart.

  2. Perhaps we all have this amazing expression in us, its just about finding it...