Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hands in the earth.

If I was actually writing this ( on an actual piece of paper with a real pencil..) it would have lots of messy words, spelling mistakes and even more terrible grammar ...... but no typos... Noooo I would not be writing bout for but or hafe for have. There would be real life stuff ups and it would not be so easy to, go back, delete, spell check, fix up and put back in a nice presentable way.... that would take time.

A bit like this blog really.

All so together, presentable, pretty and not really showing the stuff ups or the messy.

And I really did not intend this blog to be so personal...but god dam it, I have stories to tell, I have things to say and I have drawing's to draw, that tell the stories.

But lately I don't have any time to tell the stories and I am a little more than anti the computer at the moment. Why? I don't know.

Its June and freezing but the days are full of sunshine and we have been spending so much time pruning,weeding, mushrooming and playing in the veggie garden.

I do want to share the messy, the frustrating, the real. But sometimes I don't have the time. (and there is plenty).

My beautiful cousin is sitting in hospitle everyday and every night sharing her moments with her husband..not knowing how long, or how much pain he is yet to have..

Time just slips by.

And she still smiles and he still smiles.

Holding hands day in and day out.

Night in, night out.


  1. Oh Rebekah that is so beautiful. And now he has slipped away out of the hand grasp. His mate Stewy gave him a kiss bfeore he took his last breath......................

  2. thank you for the comments on my blog - i'm glad that i decided to start writing - there is something about writing, putting down you self on paper, or 'screen' or whatever it is we do here. i guess what makes blogging resonate with others is the rawness, the truth, the stuff ups - and then the connections when we recognize the words that others lay down that describe how we feel but we just didn't quite have the words to say it - these strange connections over thousands of miles, using technology in a fast busy impersonal world. We connect with truth, gentleness, mindfully

  3. I'm so sorry Rex. For you and all your family.

  4. Very true Clare and I am always amazed at your beautiful insight to life and it's connections.

    Thanks Tania, it has been a difficult time for sharon, corey and Tom, but they got to say good bye.

  5. My heart goes out to you. It sounds like a very intense time for you. I'm glad you are sharing here. We are here to read and hear you.
    With love,