Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fruit bowl

Why I need to clean the fruit bowl....

Items found beneath the fruit.....(no joke..!)

1. matchbox jeep
2. tap fitting
3. bull clip
4. pink texter
5. peg
6. marble
7. lego
8. safety glasses
9. teddy eraser
10. gardening gloves
11. temperature probe
12. fire truck
13. rubber band
14. book of strange insects
15. night light
16. 3D glasses
17. bead bracelet
18. flower stamp
19. mini torch
20. fishing float
21. vicks inhaler
22. lip gloss
23. sink strainer
24. broken watch
25. tea candle
26. spy gear gadget
27. lavender eye pack
28. hair band
29. beer top
30. 20 cent coin
31. botty butter
32. sticky tape
33. and a few other unidentified shriveled objects!

I have no idea what this says about me and not sure if its because we have a small house with NO cupboards and so I just find it difficult to find homes for things..

Well... better clean it out again so the process starts again... this happens every couple of months!

I am hoping when we build our beautiful curved straw-bale (full of cupboards) house this will stop..... but maybe its just me.....


  1. Or did you inherit from your parents. Which one!! I have got better over the years!!!!

  2. Ha ha this is so funny. We have a bowl just like yours in our dinning room which is sort of between the kitchen and living rooms. All sorts of things are found there - similar to your list. Pens, lip gloss, ear rings, hair accessories, hair brushes, pair of reading glasses, prestik, paper clips, cell phone chargers etc. So very pleased our family is not alone in this. BTW - cleaning it out doesn't help - 'cos like magic it fills up again!

  3. My house looks just like your bowl. And we have loads of cupboards!! Lol!

  4. That's so funny Rex, and so glad to know that I'm not alone. We don't have as many things as you but we do have two fruit bowls, one for the fruit that's likely to get wrecked by sharp objects like hair clips etc and the other that has mandarines/lemons etc, junk, and a pile of winter and summer hats on top! Can't wait to hear the latest on the house.

  5. Yes Mum, either of you could be responsible!

    I am also so glad I am not the only one that has a so-called fruit bowl like this. If we are ever looking for something we always say check the fruit bowl! Someday I shall hide there too and see If anyone finds me....ha ha!

    Kylie all I can say is planning permits are a NIGHTMARE..... and we are really really really FRUSTRATED! day....WE will get there!

  6. I didn't see any fruit in that bowl! HA! Great post! Cant wait to see your straw-bale some day