Thursday, July 18, 2013

Damned to hell.

Do you see beyond the grit and grain of daily life, and into the hazy horizon ahead?

Are you seeing where you have come from? Maybe you see the birth of yourself, your parents and grandparents. Or maybe you are seeing the births to come. The future of the soft skin babes to be born into this complex world.

All just a link in a continuum of life. No more or less important than what has been, or what is yet to come. A span of life that carries you fourth into the next passage/era.

A fleeting existence in this time, and this place. This world... This expanding universe.

My growing vision of life and past memory have become intwined in a abstract mixed media of thoughts. Layers of threads strung together to form emotions and patterns that naturally connect us and form us. Make us, and change us.

Sometimes my actual verbal words don't come out the way I intend. They jumble up into some kind of chaotic mass of stupendous sentences.

And so... I still feel the need to purge, to say, to expose the parts of me that I can't say aloud, here, in this space.

So, I may be damned to hell for the worth of my words. be it.

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  1. Even though there are no comments here, I have actually read this three times on different visits to your blog. So we are out here, reading, taking it in, moved, impressed. Just wanted you to know!