Thursday, February 13, 2014

We are nothing.

I have a thought.

Humanity is of no significance.

We are destroying this planet to the point where we will die.

Once we are gone. The planet will grow again.

Control gone, the abuse will stop.

It will thrive without us. No need for humans, for what have we ever given back.

We think we are so clever. Conquering, owning and monopolising.

But it's all useless. Insignificant and irrelevant to humanity.

We have no unity. No common ground, health and survival.

No strength of spirit.

We are as weak as piss.

I know it sounds bleak.

But there is a truth here.

Once we are gone, the pollution will stop.

Roads will crack, cars will rust.

Buildings shall crumble and creepers will climb.

Out of the earth the trees will rise, reaching for the sun and air with freedom.

Balance will return.

The Great barrier reef will repair itself.

Ancient forests will flourish.

Rivers will return to their natural flow.

And the trees.....

The trees will restore the balance of all.

Nothing will need protection, as the threat will be gone.

But I believe that we can change. Don't you?

If humanity finds its true heart and lets go of the control.

Lets go of the greed, the competition, the ego, the insanity of the life we are living.

Maybe we have a chance, of balance.

A chance, of life.

The only place for us is here, in this environment. We don't survive without it.

End of story.

We are nothing without air to breathe. Without water, shelter and a healthy planet.

We are nothing.

Every single piece of clothing, pair of shoes, car, lipstick, gadget, computer,

book, metal plastic, oil, wood, toy, medicine, drug, creation....

All of it, has somehow been sourced from this earth. We have taken a lot.

And the cost is our survival, not the earths.

Every human on this earth should have ultimate dedication.

To the balance of this life.

Including me.

And including you.


  1. I love your passion, Rex. I do hope "we" can change our planet. I sometimes despair at so much injustice and destruction going on.

  2. A cry from the heart is always heard. And as the cries mount up, maybe change can begin. In any case, we can't live without hope. Don't stop writing Rex.