Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hear me, universe.

Heart flushed with heat. Eyes smouldering the colour of moss.

Hot coals inhabiting my chest. 

But my lips, are sealed like pale pink ice.

Flames in my throat. 

Burning the words, and singeing my voice.

Ashes afloat from a childhood. Softly drifting into reality. 

Memories lost on a sandy trail. 

Unearthed, later. Down the long and dusty track. 

Wearing away the journey. Leading to exposure. 

Shattering it all. Like arrows to the heart. 

I hear your wish universe.

Standing in the land of my raising, and all the untold stories. 

Peoples faces from long ago. Appearing in my new reality. 

A twist of fate. Bringing me from obscurity. 

Challenge me, I say. Expose my voice then.  

I'm strong in my place.

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  1. Could have been written about my experience on the Canning Stock