Monday, November 8, 2010

The Grand Plan

the curved house

Ok, so heres the plan, we have lots of land......well enough, we have a little cottage ( that we live in ) that will become a holiday farm stay for income...,we have some sheep which is providing us... ( my lovely vegan and vegetarian friends my like to skip this next sentence )... sustenance , we have 2 old goats that live in luxury and  provide not much but entertainment for the 3 year old, we have a variety of temperamental hens that select special days to provide eggs and even then we have to beat that pesky crow to get them, we have one retired horse that follows the sheep around, we have one kelpie that has lots and lots of energy with not much to do, and the guinea pig of course that is actually very helpful as he eats lots of grass through the bottom of the cage. But as we are building our farm we are also going to be building that (ABOVE) which will be our lovely new house with  a view out to the mountains and built with strawbale, and in the mix there is Africa, which I will write about in a post soon. 

What we want to do is have 30 Dorpa sheep, 15 Boer Goats, 50 hens, masses of fruit trees and a very large vegetable garden so this would equal = food, cheese, milk, fruit, eggs and lots of vegies.... which is lots of hard work!... ..but thats life .....people just choose to work hard at different things.


  1. Wow! Love the curve! Thanks for sharing such great plans. Look forward to hearing more.

  2. Just hope I am not rattling on too much !! The house will be great, it suits us perfectly as we never seem to stay inside the square anyway.... The brief to Joel is we wanted a courtyard, so he came up with the curve, which suits the landscape cousin Brett the builder's eyes nearly popped out of his head but fortunately he's still's all a learning curve! ha ha.

  3. I love curves in buildings, and have had a number of conversations with Rick that says that when a builder sees a curve they just say it can't be done. I think it goes in the too hard basket. Unfortunately for them Rick is great at explaining just how it can be done. And you're not waffling at all.