Sunday, May 15, 2011

waiting for the colour...

tap tap tap.....drum drum drum...tap tap tap....mmmmmmmmm

ok nothing yet, I am waiting for colour to seep into my drawings but  the urge is just not here yet.

so in the mean time here a few more of my obsessions.

Hiding fish

leaves feed all life
channel playing

party in the mountains

So when I started this post blogger was ok.... but then it crashed and while it crashed and I couldn't complete this post, this is what happened.....

Interconnection moon power

(This was supposed to be up the other
way but no matter how many times
I tried to flip the sucker around after I
scanned it, it Just kept flipping back, so I put
that down to some weird moon magic
and decided it was supposed to be this way).
moon magnetics

It started when Jonah was painting his picture for the Local school art show and I could not resist a play, so did some circles and above is what emerged.

 Here is the master creation of Jonahs


  1. Love the colour bit. So you got the paint then Jonah. Looks great what is the title?yummy Indian lovely people thanks beck

  2. Ooh you sure are having a ball! I particularly like the leaves feed life one alot! And of course I'm a big fat fan of color!!

  3. Not sure what Jonahs going to call his pic yet, thanks Tania...Yeah finally a little colour making its way in. I went to the art shop after your post about going to a good art shop, I bought myself some nice graphite pencils and a squishy eraser......lovely!