Tuesday, May 10, 2011


yay its working..... that was a bit surprising... How cranky I got when I wanted to post and couldn't ....mmmmmmmmmmmm........interesting.

well anyway I have lost my thought process on what I wanted to post originally...and now I am at a loss and in my quest to never use the words I dislike so much which are Random and rambling in the blog world...yuk yuk!! I have titled this one stupid! because it will be perhaps boring, pointless and STUPID...

ahh........but I have thought of something that maybe interesting. In my recent experiments in sketching which have been so much fun.. take a look at this then...

 tell me if you think these drops are tears or raindrops..what was you first thought?


  1. Raindrops until I saw the eye. Great image

  2. Tears in a grey sky, great drawing.

  3. tears. so do i its great.
    i love your drawings. amazing

  4. Ta....I started with raindrops, then the clouds came and with all that grey texture an eye appeared to join with the mood. There were a few other comments on here....but blogger stole them, so thanks guys for your comments even though they have been been mislaid...

  5. I love your drawing here, how one feels after losing a loved one