Tuesday, July 19, 2011

letting go

One rainy day Wayne put a board in the shed for Mana to draw on with some pastels, it looked so colorful and  playful I could not help but draw on it with her too. Over time Mana (3) and I would draw bits and then come back a couple of weeks or days later an do some more. 

Last weekend I  found myself drawing alone on it and became more and more focussed on the patterns and getting absorbed by the forming picture. Then Mana walked in and started adding to it and over it, I immediately had to let go of my own picture and process and just let it be what she and I were making together again.

Kids have no boundaries of drawing or painting together, she happily drew over what I did and was happy for me to draw over and around what she did, in fact it made her smile with Joy to be creating this together. And when you let go of all expectations you make beautiful things.


  1. Plenty of colour in this one beck--val

  2. Our children teach us our most valuable and precious lessons. You are very lucky to have an art work that portrays this.

  3. This is a lovely way to let go and to share the moment with a lovely little person. :)xx

  4. Thank you so much for popping by...would love to see what you and your daughter make.... I love the painting that the two have you have done...

    I've just read some of your last posts.... I'm sorry for the loss and sadness....