Sunday, July 24, 2011

moon. tree. moth.

I started with a tree, then thought objects hanging from
it would be nice. Then it needed a moon rising. Then a moth
decided it should be born on this beautiful moon lit night.
And that is how this drawing was created.


  1. Love the scale val

  2. this drawing is intriguing - i like the things hanging from the tree.

  3. Really like this one, like Val I think the scale and details are great.

  4. Thanks guys, I did enjoy going bigger than usual and we are bit like that moth, eager to get to summer!

  5. I love the detailed objects strung on the tree and the contrast of the giant moth (or the perspective of having him so close to us and the objects far)--magical. Also, I like how his transparent left wing brings all the elements together, overlapping, having the viewer see the scene through him. A magical evening unfolding, indeed.