Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Imagine if every street scape in every town, in every country across this whole world was planted out with fruit trees. Orange trees, lemon trees, apple trees, pear trees, real cherry trees, not ornamental blossom trees. Not foreign exotic trees, but trees that produce and feed people.

Imagine if every roundabout across the world was planted out with strawberries and lettuces and chives and pumpkins and zucchinis.

Just imagine. 

If every park and every playground had been planted with mulberry, almond, fig, pear trees.

Imagine that.

If every cottage garden was full on ginger plants, passion-fruits, artichokes, raspberries, logan berries. 

Imagine it.

If all the lawns in all the streets were growing chives, thyme, basil, oregano, mint.

Because by the time people mow the lawns and water the roundabouts, trim the trees and spray their gardens, that energy could of gone into producing real food, together as a community as a race. We could of been pruning, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, and ultimately harvesting our food. 

Image this.

Then think about the simple act and beauty of picking your own apple fresh from a tree. There is nothing I want more for our children than to he able to do this. No kinda of computer is ever going to fill a child's heart with joy than when they fill a bucket full with apples, that they have picked. Or if they lie at night in the open air and stargaze into the real magic of our beautiful planet. These are the things i will be thinking of as we move into a new year.


Clay edged lagoon, that smells of the earth. Our very own pool
in the middle of our paddock.

Open blue with the rust of he earth.

New stools for the house we imagine for our new year. Thankyou
Wayne and Luca thay fill my heart with Joy.

Food cooked in a clay oven made with our bare hands (and our bare
We are off to the beach for the week, so happy new year to all. Dont forget to Imagine, cause often it can come true.


  1. Love it Rex, a good mix of native and productive or even better, native producers :) is def the way to go. One step at a time...

  2. Beautiful thoughts Rex. I wish all your dreams to come true in the New Year. Look forward to seeing what happens from way over here in Colorado!

  3. Here's to the future of sustainability. I am excited about the comming year!

  4. What an awesome vision. I am so happy to be growing some of our own food. Here's to more of it in this exciting new year! I love your stools.

  5. This made me want to cry for some reason. We live in the suburbs -- which I thought I never would -- with a large lot that we mow -- this year we planted a handful of apple trees - next year I want berry bushes -- and to plant a large vegetable garden on the large expanses of concrete of our roof...I know that we can't make the large changes -- living in the country (as we both wish we could do but circumstances prevent) -- but we can make small changes -- I just have to remind myself that I can create that life in small ways.



  6. Thats lovely Pam. sometimes I feel so upset by the world wasting its resources on unproductive gardens that could easily be made into sustainable food havens. And the 'small ways' always end up being the big differences of making change. I only do things in small ways and gradually they build up. Like yesterday I pulled a cottage over grown plant from the side of our house and am about to plant a passion-fruit climber in it's place. little thing into big things.