Thursday, January 5, 2012

summer haze....

 Christmas day this year. There were water fights, too much food filling our gluttonous stomaches of course, and lazy hazy fun.
This year our theme was north african. yummy. We have been having themes of other cultures since I was a teenager. We have had Middle Eastern, Indian, South African. Spanish...... and so on...One year we even had Aussie road kill. 

Yep, we are a strange bunch.

But, I only took one photo of the day, this one.

We needed coffee, and thats that.
My Otto, she's a beauty. She spits our dark smooth coffee, and fluffs milk at the same time.
She has no fancy knobs or power cords. She sits elegantly on the stove and does her thing....

But I did take photos of some holiday stuff.

port fairy wharf, watching the yachts sail past.

Jonah making and creating on the beach.
Wayne, chuffed doing one of his fav things.

Luca and Mana making sand mermaids.
And me, .........I was glued to this towel.

Last year we were here and here.


  1. Ah, your family sound like such fun - as families should be. I made Moroccan couscous for Christmas lunch for the veggies in the family - so also had a kinda north African theme. Road kill - what did you make?

    I hope you have a great magical 2012.

  2. Thanks clare, same to you for 2012 and your bookshop venture.

    We had kangaroo of course and bush tucker food like yabbies and eels, mussels. It was a fun xmas.

  3. Kylie and Dion, If you read this, I was thinking for next xmas you should do a boycot and come celebrate up here with us next year! what ya reckon? Just maybe in our new house????

  4. Your Christmas sounds idyllic. I'm loving the themed meal.

  5. Hey Rex, will add that idea to the list of boycot options! Maybe a new years watching the stars out the front of your new place? PS, Don't throw any of those house mags out, we're going to find that block soon (thinking positive!)

  6. Looks like the perfect Holiday Rex. nell

  7. Thanks Nell, I have been trying to leave comments on your blog for a few days, but for some reason it wont work.

    I just wanted to say I hope your resting well....

    Kylie, will be keeping those books for you for sure. If we ever get our planning permit through, we will have an awesome new years eve!!