Saturday, January 21, 2012


Sometimes this is all I have, that I know about myself. It is enough. You see I never understood the arguments. Never. Life is harsh. It wears at you, like an old wash board over and over, grating and ribbing. As a young girl I was a peacemaker, pulled from force to force. All I wanted was quite and happy. I know myself. I have a strength I rarely see, but that washboard of a life can wear that knowing away, I must remember myself for me and my family. 

In my quietness I know myself.


  1. Rex, it's wonderful to be so clear. I've had a difficult time forgiving my mother most of my life. I know this is unhealthy and creates dis-ease in my spirit. I hope to one day be able to forgive her.

  2. Nell, it must be hard to be in a position to have to forgive your mother for something, and I imagine it not to be something minor. So I hope for you to find what you need to, to have some peace.

  3. I like this post. xxxx

  4. To know oneself is the most important journey for me. Even the dark corners Meet my demons andy heroines

  5. I wish I had a like button to press here.

    Or a love button -- because I love what you've written here.