Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our kids like to play adventuring games, they pack up their backpacks and wander around and imagine. Jonah has a backpack filled with tools and string and bits of old computer board. Mana will have a teddy, glitter glue and head bands. Drinks and a snack too.

Yesterday we ventured to the blackberry bush that sits in the middle of our open paddocks and picked and picked, they were perfect.

The kids talked of making blackberry jam and blackberry juice and as the sweat poured of my body in the mid morning sun all I could think of was how to make blackberry wine.

It was so hot that on the way back we took a diversion to the channel that runs the length of our land, to cool our feet and play in the shade of the eucalyptus trees. Mana played in the mud and Jonah got some tools out of his bag and played on the bank.

Then it was time for the long walk home, in the heat.


  1. Its hard for me to imagine the feeling of that kind of heat over here right now. We woke to a dusting of snow and 26 degrees. brrrr....But we will be sweating our balls off in just a matter of months. ps-those berries look divine!

  2. And did those blackberries get eaten, just as they are?! Ours did, or frozen to mix with greek yogurt. Mmmmmm.

  3. They sure did, we had to go back the next day to get more to make the Jam. So excited about your property you are looking at!! Good luck!!

    1. I was cranky that we missed the second flush off our blackberry bush, but not as cranky as when I realised we can't afford that place. We'll keep looking....

  4. I am enjoying your blog so much -- I've been following you on instagram, of course -- and Eden said something to me "I'm so glad you found rex -- you're kindred spirits" -- and I read your blog and something in me aches -- my life as I live it now is so far from the one of my dreams -- but the one of my dreams looks very much like this post -- so beautiful.



  5. Thankyou Pam, we just have the 75 acres, but it is enough. We try to live simply, but it-does not always work. There are always difficult parts, but we are so grateful, we are no where self sufficient as we would like to be. Yet.

    Your life is very intriguing to me also, your cabin looks amazing. And all that snow is magical with frozen lakes, are all so beautiful. Your brilliant writing and the way in which you express lifes difficulties so honestly.

    So pleased you are enjoying the blog. Xo