Thursday, March 8, 2012

On being a united people. Kony 2012.


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  2. I wrote a massive comment as a response and then deleted it. I'm still thiking through what I want to say.

  3. Hmmm.. I don't know. Of course the meesage and awareness are so, so important and the fact that this is happening is horrific and my heart breaks and my eyes tear when I watch this video. I don't want to be someone who ignores that this happens every. single. day. But... I felt like I was being brainwashed while I watched this. I hated that he showed his beautiful little boy the photos and tried to explain (like this could every be adequately explained) that this man was evil. It reminded me of propaganda and I won't be someone who sits and swallowsthis information and accepts that this man is the solution without finding out more first. It scares me how quickly this went viral and how instantly people are liking this and sharing. I want to think a little longer before I rally behind IC because I'm not quite sure I trust their intentions just yet. I still have too many questions. Having said that, of course, without doubt, Kony is evil and creating child soldiers and sex slaves is unquestionably wrong. I would just hate to see such incredible support be handed blindly to this organisation just because they are clever with using social media to support their cause. 
     I don't want to sound like I am unimpressed by what this group has achieved, or be cynical. It's a powerful movement and it is incredible what people can achieve but something in it just leaves me unsettled (aside from the subject which is more than just unsettling). Is this the right way to achieve change? Are people jumping on the bandwagon without reading further? Yes it's wonderful that the video raises awareness, but it only provides a simple, 30 minute explanation of an extremely complex issue and provides a simplistic solution. Maybe it is that easy. I hope it is, because Kony should be punished for the heinous crimes he has comitted, but will that result in the end to child soliders and sex slavery? 
    I'm willing to stand corrected, and in a perfect would this would resolve the issue, but liking a video on facebook & buying a 'action kit' might not be enough. I agree it is better than ignoring the issue though. Obviously this is a topic I would love to bring up on a Dickinson debate night and hear all opinions & interpretations, mull for a little while and then make my decision. This is pretty much my first thoughts on the topic.
    Omg, sorry for the insanely loooooong comment xx

  4. Yes, I agree with you Cass and I read conflicting reports before I posted it, but I didn't want to over analyze it because everything can have holes poked through it and I wanted to believe that something like this can help.

    Below is what I posted on some-one else's comment box.

    -After reading your post last night it immediately started showing up on everything..... So then this morning after reading it in the news and all. I decided that it was important and NEW there would be some kind of negativity to it. As always.

    I decided to show Jonah the film....he will be 11 at the end of this month. He senses fraud like no-one else that boy. His reaction was this- I want to help, you need to join and.... "Mum, what made Joseph Kony the way he is, what made him so bad?"

    He always looks for the good that boy. I said, I don't know, but somewhere the cycle can stop, the cycle of abuse, the cycle of greed and all that horrific devastation of children. If we have the power to do something, then do it. So the powerless are cared for.

    * So I think that sometimes the answers to help are not what we want to hear, but what am I doing here. South Africa twisted my soul last year, while most looked at the view of the sea out one window I was looking at the shanty houses out the other. After the 6 months in zim I knew I couldn't live there because all I could see was Jacob faces everywhere. But if I had of, who knows what I would of done to help maybe even formed an organization that aligns them self with army or something........

    These are just the thoughts rumbling around in my head.

    And our Jonah is a lot braver and stronger than we think sometimes.

    Thanks for your view Cass and I agree with you too. I really appreciate you writing your feelings here too.


  5. There have been a couple of good articles in the age on this subject. There is concern whether this action will make change or be a 24 hour wonder. Raising awareness is one thing sensualisation is another.

  6. It's an intertesting debate and I am really intertested reading more into it. If nothing else, the awareness the video (and the controversy) has created is mind blowing. I agree that new ideas will be picked apart and I guess this in its own way is a good thing (it demonstrates objective and critical thinking) which is important. I hope it makes the difference that is needed. It will change the world if it does - power of the people!
    I think it's brilliant that this movie has got so many people thinking - to think it was released only 4 days ago!
    And yes Jonah forever amazes me with his insight and maturity :)
    Love you xx

  7. I like that this issue has raised enough awareness for the US to send 100 troops to help. Even though for perhaps one of the first times it's not about money and protecting the countries interest but bringing a man to justice. I like that issues that media in the past haven't even been allowed to air because of the gut wrenching truth and politicians haven't done anything about because it wouldn't have changed any political outcome for them now can. I think this is an innocent cause and just like starting a small business that all of a sudden grows by 1000000 times all of a sudden management processes and Business sense need to happen. So let's hope it does happen. Let's hope that a simple promise can be followed through.

  8. I have just written a blog post about this. Go read it because I'd love your comments. I agree that it is amazing how much awareness this campaign has raised, but I'm with Cassie too. I feel very strongly that we all need to be well informed before making choices and I can't help but feel a lot of people who have watched the video (and the video only) aren't. xxxx