Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pancake mixture and heathen words.

I am about to make some pancakes. The mixture has been left to stand and is ready to be transformed into its next state.

Don't you think that feels like life sometimes? Or how life should be. Left to stand still for a time to allow the molecules of your body and brain to prepare for the next transition. Why do people feel such a need to move so quickly through their life? I know I have written of this before and it feels a little like I'm GOING on and on. But Jesus bloody christ, holy mother of god! ( I think my religious Aunty just passed out with so many blaspheming words.... hehehe...) Why is the world so mad. I mean who's fooling who? Anyway, the point of this post is not much, other than my little analogy above about pancakes = rest = time =life.

P.S. My eldest Aunty would never read this anyway, cause she's too busy quoting god, and the untruths of her own self righteous life, to notice anybody else anyway. (I can feel the wrath coming...)

Im off to cook pancakes and eat them in my heathen speaking mouth.

For hours yesterday the kids played like this. Reading, swinging, just hanging out.
Adjusting to the warm weather and living in the reality of their own time. Their own thoughts, leading to the next idea of play and games. Childhood freedom.

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  1. Gorgeous Rex. Beautiful and feisty as always, thank gods ;)