Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eventually it will come.

I believe there is only a certain amount of time that can pass before your genuine and true self emerges. 
That the inert creative part can only stay in-active for a time before it is released again.

Wayne's has been set free.

......And this. I adore  these metal flowers!

Today Wayne is working on an art project with the kids School and I can't wait to show you the results of that creation!


  1. On bended knee, I humbly pay my respects to the both of you for what you have achieved over the past 10 years.. Honoring your role as parents, your duty of care for others, the responsibility of providing security for your family - tick, tick, tick. All the boxes ticked. You have made it through with integrity and generosity of spirit intact. Now it is time for your next right of passage. Unfurling what you both have in common, and undoubtedly why you came together in the first place. An unleashing of your creative potential. Your bliss. Your truth, and true nature as you know it to be Rex. Please see how powerful it is. Please trust that this currency will support the life you know you need to live. Let go of any fears that this path for you both wont support you. IT WILL SUPPORT YOU IN EVERY SINGLE MEANINGFUL WAY. Hold hands you two and walk hard! xxx J

  2. You already have given me a beautiful gift, your guidance, philosophy and tuition. The pure bliss of creating is swirling around us both.

    And for him, who so long has been caught in a web, has cut free. And that creative potential you speak of, is breathing once more through his metal gills.

    I feel the earth, I see the mind and hear the silence. xxx