Wednesday, November 3, 2010

playgroup mural

Well we were lucky enough to receive a grant for our local play group to do some landscaping and an interactive mural and at this stage it looks stunning. Barb Venn is the designer and painter of the mural and with others helping with baby sitting her 3 young children and with all our time donated it is a huge achievement.
I have been working in the garden on the landscaping layout with every one pitching in with planting , delivering gravel, sourcing wine barrels for our fruit trees, cutting wooden stumps for seats and more looking after children! This part is also coming along and  I will have some photos of this soon.......
Mana, Indigo and Arlo....

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  1. I love this mural. It looks like a real australian christmas postcard. Well the colours and the drama of the scene get etched into the psyche. Cool Barb