Saturday, March 19, 2011

unspeakable beauty amongst unspeakable sadness....


I have no great words to express my sadness for all the people who are amongst lifes tragedies.
But after the terror of this disaster to face a nuclear catastrophe is so sad. we are all fragile on this earth..


  1. Is our capacity to acknowledge sadness our greatest strength. Your writings Becky bring real tears and poignancy of beauty. Thank you daughter.

  2. thanks mum, its hard to make sense of it all at times, and now people are blowing each up in the name of peace..... they so far gone in their heads they have lost their empathy and have us believing their madness. We all ways tell our children that just because someone does something to you it doesn't make it right, and not to do it's still wrong. And this is all wrong, we could be coming together to help a country that has just had 20,000 people die or missing. but noooooo we will just add more disaster and purposely kill more people! no-one could justify that!