Monday, April 11, 2011

sprinkles of love

Ok... so one eye is bigger and her face is a bit wonky and she was not quiet finished cause her eyes are a little big for her face..., but yesterday she (the real one) walked in from outside and said she had something really, really special and that I have to shut my eyes, so I did and held my hand out... then she said " no mummy its beside your bed on the table" and she raced outside again.
Now this little sketch was laying on my bedside table,  and she had laid these tiny flowers on her sketched face, perfectly in balance with her and the colors that mingle in her aura ... they remind me of sprinklings of the love that children create.


  1. Magic making by mana

  2. you have captured her beautifully rex, i love that you are drawing again x

  3. Just gorgeous. Great mother daughter creation.