Friday, September 9, 2011

No TIME to post as Major event occurring soon. Port fairy magic below...

Port Fairy, victoria.
YOU gotta go here!
IT is awesome!


  1. These are beautiful! And it makes me want to go there. Australia is on my short list to visit! SO curious about what the Major Event is....? You can only guess where a Mom's mind wanders to....

  2. i wish i could fly there right now... i lived in Australia for a few years, on and off, and i miss the beach so very much..
    and yes i too am very curious about the major event... should i put some champagne in the fridge? :) :)

    xo sandra

  3. Always wanted to live in Australia - now too old to emigrate - so stuck here in SA. It looks amazing - wish I'd made it!

  4. Wow! Beautiful photographs. This place does look amazing! Great texture and composition in your pictures. :)

  5. Australia is beautiful and I would hope most people appreciate the life they have here. But then there are so many beautiful places in the world.

    The event was Wayne's 5oth! It was so much fun, Marquee, large bonfires, gourmet pizzas, beer, champagne, wine, dancing.....I will post some pictures after I get some sleep...