Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The party!

I should be doing posts with lots of photos of Wayne's party, sculptures burning, pizza cooking and dancing. How loose tongues become, once you have a few drinks.... (Paul your corporate box secret is safe with us and Tania....yes, Rick is perfect for you.)

I had forgotten how good a party can be, we had great loud music, open skies, open hearts, fires at every turn and so much fun. So thank-you to all that came along, and thank-you to all that helped, really was amazing.

The thing is I can't get the photos off my new fan-dangled camera on to my computer! So If any of you have some photos out there to send me, please do, so I can post on here. (Leah, I reckon I saw you taking a few snaps!!)

Here is a couple off my ipod and phone...

This is the next day. The marquee was done in a african shebeen style.
(Those tables all came from dusty sheds at my parents place)

pizza cooking...

pizza eating....

well used pizza oven..!!

my fav part was when the big sculpture was burning and looking around and seeing about 80 other people loving it as much as wayne and I were.

P.S Tania, I think I have your beautiful knitted beanie, and humungus Port glass here....


  1. Ha Ha! It was a great celebration! Great company and the burning man was terrific. Don't know what the humungus glass is but I was just looking for the beanie to take to the dandenongs, or as Quinn likes to say dandelions...have to make the journey to come get it. I'll make sure to bring a bottle of port! Hee hee hee.

  2. A bottle of port would be Just the thing..... The glass is the one you drank Wine out of, then water, then wine, then water, then port out of, until I swapped it for a more appropriate port sized glass! Its like the size of a milkshake glass man......! Have fun at the dandelions!

  3. Looks like you had a 'jol' - (personally haven't had one in years). I'm intrigued as to what the burning sculpture looked like. Ah and that pizza oven -

  4. Appears to be just what you needed! How wonderful!

  5. 'Twas indeed a fabulous party - I just wish we could have stayed longer and kicked on with you, Tania and the port hehe!! I have emailed some photos, I hope you got them. They're not great but they might help.