Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Bug Party.

Last year we had a purple fairy party, and everything was a blur of purple and tulle.

This year we had a creepy crawly bug party, and everything was a blur of wings and antennas.

Lady bug cake.

Bouncing bugs

New birthday tee pee.

Gift of art.

Thank you all for a fab day and all the beautiful thoughtful gifts.


  1. What a cool lady bug cake! Great costumes too. I just love parties to buts and pieces!! x

  2. That looks awesome. I'm in love with that tee pee. What a great gift!

  3. Hi Maxabella, me love parties too. Exhausting, but fun.

    Tinsenpup, that lovely tee pee come from an aussie on-line store called - It was just $98.00, I thought that was an unreal price compared to the other 300 dollar ones I had seen. It is made very well, has a window and a matt that is tied to the bottom. Mana lovesssss it.