Sunday, January 29, 2012

The power of a good english teacher.

I like to write. It's just unfortunate that my grammar is up shit creek.

I have had a small epiphany recently. I can't tell If it's a big one yet. Possibly.

I never understood the importance of grammar, until now. The brilliant power of it. The way you can show the meaning of what you are feeling with a full stop or an apostrophe. 

It's so potent to know this. It's like I have a secret, just like all those floating dandelion wishes that fell into the blackberries we were picking the other day. I made wish after wish. My secret.

I liked to write at school, but could never express the creative side. Until the unforgettable day in year 8, when the new teacher told the fuck-wits at the back of the class to get out if they weren't interested in learning.  He said it just like this ' if you guys want to be a pack of fuck-wits you may as-well leave the classroom'. 

It was one of those brilliant moments you just never forget. Needless to say he was a brilliant teacher and I could swear and express all I wanted in my writing. But the thing is you never can keep those good teachers for long. And so by the time year 12 English literature came around I had the most boring brain dead teacher that possibly ever walked the hallways of high-schools anywhere. 

Ms language-lynx will know exactly who I am referring too. Unlike me though she has impeccable grammar, and her blog is partially dedicated to this. However, as much as she maybe be obsessive about punctuation, she has never once tried to correct me or judge me in my blundering efforts. She just likes to write too.

I will never be holy, or correct, I kinda like to be raw and make up words. Cause that's who I am, but I believe I might just be better at conveying my emotion without using 10 explanation marks at the end of every sentence. And my spelling is as always quite horrendous. I don't really know the rules of correct punctuation. And I suspect I break a lot, like starting a sentence with And. Pretty sure I am not supposed to do that. But.........I actually like what I do and am grasping the amazing strength of a full stop.

That very good English teacher and his lovely wife (also a good English teacher) were inspirational, and they actually were at my 30th birthday party. Bloody brilliant.

This is what blogging has taught me, by reading other peoples stories and feeling and noticing the way they speak to you. I could not refer to myself as a blogger, cause it sounds so weird... 

But I like to write.

And read.

There's so much magic out there to write about and I can't stop. Good and the bad.
Can you see it? It's somewhere under those sparkles of sunshine and lurking at
the bottom of Jimmy's creek. It's just life.


  1. Haha! Yes, I know who you're talking about! Thank god for our imaginations.

    Rex, you write so beautifully I'm so glad you found a voice through this blog. Grammar and punctuation are awesome! Yes, I'm a nerd, but you are so right.

    And thank you for the kind words and links. By the way, grammar continuously evolves so starting a sentence with the word "and" is now allowed, not that we should care less that it's "allowed"! Creativity is meant to break the rules. :-)


  2. Thanks, and no worries. It's so great to see you blogging again. Tilly is such a cutie!

  3. My punctuation is a disgrace. I struggle with it all the time, and still use exclamation marks heaps because I am useless with getting all out well. Your words however are fantastic. I love reading your stories, I think you write so well! - exclamation mark - !