Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ms. cool

You know every-thing's cool, its all good, no worries, I am cool as a cucumber.

We have a small smickey cottage that we live in, its just four rooms. But nice. Dining, kitchen lounge all one room. 2 bedrooms, one bathroom/laundry. We have over 70 wonderful acres of land that we adore, every corner and facet is ours and we love it, we have many plans, and exciting visions for our land. We watch the changes that occur and fuss over all the trees, thinking and planning. 

But a year of waiting and deliberating on our building plans has taken its toll. Our Grand plan is still in being judged and turned over and caught up in bureaucratic shit.  One whole year and that is just a planning permit. I want to swear so bad, I want to be mad. No-one ever phones you back unless you phone them 10 times. No-one ever likes to call you and discuss with you the details. Never.

This week we should (yeah right) have our answer. We are cramped in here. We have no room. 

Which is ok.

We have a roof over our head. We are living a very fortunate life. 

I am Ms cool.

But not for much longer.......

If you like you can press that pinterest button over there and see the style of house we are looking to build.
because that all thats on there. I don't do food pics and blah blah pics.

One day.....

(p.s today is tuesday and we were promised an answer on monday or tuesday, still nothing, how surprising. Last week we were definitely having an answer by friday.....)

On and on, it goes.

In the mean time I will just keep dreaming.....

Until I lose my cool.


  1. I haven't clicked on p interest but this two pics are gorgeous!! I swear it's never easy with pissfarty people who get in a flap when given something outside the square so to speak. Sorry Rex but you gotta fight for your rights! Go over their heads get political get down and nasty and just actually make them do their job! actually that's bad advice I like your goodness. How about Leah sits with you and you put some good letters together. The good old fashioned letter can work wonders. Also record every date and time u speak with these guys that's also good to put in a letter and come back with when they try to handball to the next person.

  2. Thanks Tania, we are just about to head in that direction if we don't receive anything this week, its just so exhausting. It is the final straw.

    Have all correspondence kept so its probably going to come to that.


  3. I feel for you Rex, I really do. Dreaming is great but after a few years of that you just want to get Doing. Ta for the link to the plans, I wanted to have another look and do some more dreaming of my own :)

  4. yeah thanks kylie. The lady just rang from the shire now to say she just heard back from the relative authority today and should have something in the mail on monday. The Height level is still an ISSUE!! can you believe it! They have gone back to the CMA and GWMwater AGAIN...So I bet they are starting to get edgy. Looks like our slab is going down the drain !

    Hows your property hunting going?

    1. Slab down the drain- pun intended?!
      Hunting is a slow thing, flurries of activity interspersed with reviewing the bank balance!
      Meanwhile everything is growing here with a bit of moisture and mild temps which makes it easier to contemplate staying put for a bit.
      Wish I was still in the industry to put pressure from inside for you but can only cross my fingers for you...