Sunday, March 11, 2012

God is a bullet.

Some days words and songs get caught in the spidery veins of my brain and they repeat themselves over and over. The last few days since finding my old concrete blond CD and transferring it on to our itunes list, these are the words that have been flapping around my head trying to tell me what...... I don't know. But if there was an open mic thingy somewhere..... Well this would be what would be unleashed. 

Of course I am linking with the Edenland's fresh horses again today.

There's a green plaid jacket on the back of the chair

It's like a moment frozen forever there

Mom and dad had a lot of big plans for their little man
"...So proud."
Mama's gone crazy 'cause her baby's shot down
By some teenage car chase war out of bounds
It was the wrong place wrong time wrong end of a gun.

Shoot straight from the hip
Gone forever in a trigger slip
You know, it could have been
It could have been your brother.
Shoot straight shoot to kill
Blame each other, blame yourselves
God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone

They're gonna call me sir they'll all stop picking on me
Well I'm a high school grad I'm over 5 foot 3
I'll get a badge and a gun and I'll join the P.D.
They'll see
He didn't have to use the gun they put in his hand
But when the guy came at him, well he panicked and ran
And it's thirty long years before they give him another chance
And it's sad sad sad

John Lennon, Doctor King, Harvey Milk
all for goddamn nothing
God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone 

And then this......  For you Eden.

Like a ghost - is the curtain
In the white light of the morning -
Dancing in the morning
Are you there - are you there?
And a shadow - like a sadness
Falling all across the garden
Dancing in the garden
Are you there, are you there?

Shine on, friend. goodnight
Why then then darkening of the light

And the leaves at my feet
Whisper sounds so familiar -
Are you there? are you there?

Where the clouds pull apart
And the moon changes faces
In the quiet secret places
Are you there? are you there?


  1. My husband is a big Concrete Blonde fan. I haven't paid close enough attention over the years - but you've made me want to go back now! I like "God is a bullet have mercy on us everyone".

  2. The story telling in her lyrics are amazing and the music just hits me so hard, I love it.