Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh..... I'v said too much.

I haven't said enough....

I am telling you what, having a blog and "sharing" as its called, is probably one of the bravest things you can do. Cause you can blab, blab all your shame, your opinions and your heart, out to anyone. Then you just have to let it float away. Let it go.

And if you are like me, and in real life, you tend to get your words mixed in verbal conversation, a blog is great. Oh, and I ramble too. Here, my thoughts connect. Although I am playing with the idea of spoken word...... lets just see where that takes me. Might have to be rip leading! When I get stage fright and can't speak!

I feel, deeply strong. I am not hiding behind anything, especially my keyboard! I am up for any conversation on here, or in the real. I have no idea who reads this crap, or who doesn't, except the ones that make themselves known.

And it does not matter.

I can't even begin to explain the challenges you have to overcome, to write a blog. A personal blog.

Some people would prefer to keep some things locked away, which is the choice they make in life. Some like to be really honest, some like to be creative. For me the medium of expression on this blog has been freedom. Freeing up those stories in my head. I have been writing stories in my head my whole life. Short ones, long ones, boring ones and whatever ones. Like right now I have one brewing about a professor and a dead, bloated goat. I just love that. Intrigued?

I am not here to moan about the characters of people. The he said, she said, bullshit. I am not here to tell you some one is stupid, or to say how others should live their lives. I am not here to whine about the hard done by crap that seems to suck the life out of some.

I am not here to judge others. I am not here to tell you about the annoying things that happen around me.

I believe in people, and I will never stop believing in people. People are capable of so many things. Some people are not capable of some things. I will try not to crucify people that are different or don't do things the way in which I choose, to do things.

This past week I have heard every low thing people could possibly say about the length of time a mother should breast-feed her child.

There is something I want to say.

To young women out there, young girls about to be come women. Don't judge so harshly. The sizing each other up, the absolute over the top opinions on themselves, the comparison of choices, the belittling of each other, or any women, of any age.

Just one thing.

It won't bring you one ounce of happiness.

Until the moment you breast-feed, you won't know your choice. And it will be your choice only.

There is so much to know about breast-feeding. Breast-feeding is hardly anything to do with actually feeding your baby. It's all about comfort, smell and attachment. Comforting your child. Along with the many other ways to comfort a child.

Its obviously healthy and good for your baby. But the overriding factor is attachment.

Sometimes for reasons the choice to breast-feed is no longer a choice. It just may not work out that way. You may make the choice not to breast-feed at all. You will have reasons for that decision. You may, just be not comfortable with it. So you do what you do, for comfort.

The same as a women chooses to breast-feed. Even past the age of one and way beyond. It's comfort for her and the child.

I have heard of 6 year olds, 10 year olds, even 12 year olds occasionally being breast fed. I am not judging. And neither should others.

I have two children and I have breast-fed for nine years. No I was not a wet nurse! And I probably could write a thesis on breast-feeding. But desperately could not be bothered. Would never want to dissect it and take all the natural, instinctual beauty away from it.

Until the moment and choice comes to you, don't judge. And even when the moment comes, still don't judge. You will have your thoughts.

But don't judge others for their choices.


  1. Ahhh Rex, well said! The topic of "that photo" was brought up last weekend at a social gathering I was at. Usually I just zip my lips and don't get into an argument but this time, I didn't. I was asked and I said that I wasn't going to judge. I said that it's not up to me to say whether that woman has made the right choice - it's none of anyone's business except that woman's. And then I gave everyone a lecture on judging mothers. The subject got changed very quickly hahahahaha!!! I felt good!

    1. I can imagine Leah! They would of been horrified by me. Good on you for having your say, xxoo

  2. Wonderfully said! I was gutted when my youngest weaned herself, with blatant breast refusal when she was almost 23 months old. I was happy to continue for longer, but she decided she was ready...which in its own way, is just gorgeous she knew what was right for her....Plus it made up for my feelings of total failure at not being able to breastfeed my first born and expressing for 13 weeks so she could at least get some breast-milk goodness, even if it was in a bottle.
    Yes, we definitely need a lot less of the judgy-judgy. It is a complete waste of energy and so negative and just pointless.
    Please keep writing. Your writing is beautiful. Cat.

  3. Thankyou Cat. I love encouragement! someimes you feel as though you are on the right path. But then the doubt can crush you at times. So thankyou.

    The breastfeeding issue scares me greatly for new mums on the horizon. I want people know that brestfeeding is so important and natural. And to be encouraged greatly to breastfeed. But not by guilt, by educating. And that its ok if it does not turn out that way. But to be supported greatly either way.