Friday, June 29, 2012

Winter pickings.

Seems to be so much going on these days.
And rather than picking at my brain, I will show you what we been picking to eat.
Ahhhh....much better, I here you say.

And......It's so flipping cold. But,winter bring so many goodies too.
We have been living off mushrooms, they are growing in our paddocks, as they do every winter.
But... this year, has been a bumper harvest. My favorite way to have them is lightly sautéed in butter and served on toast. 

Also in other self sufficient news, we have garlic shoots popping up, baby spinach starting to flourish, lettuce self seeding everywhere as is the parsley.  We have spuds in and broccoli too.

Where.... doing alright.

But the hens are still not laying! 
Spoilt little shits.

Oh.... and turn away my veggie friends... This afternoon is bagging up our Lamb, thats harvested straight from our paddocks too. 

Mushroom and Lamb.

And the sun sets, like the majestic creature it is, every day.

And the mulberry tree adorns its light.
As does, the outline of those God damn addictive mountains.


  1. We've just shared one of your last year's lamb legs with my parents and there's so much more for shepards pie tommorrow, yum yum. I still have your oragano potted up, one day I'll remember to give it to you!

  2. That's awesome Kylie. We just re-stocked your freezer for you on the weekend. And was that the oregano from kirky? How wonderful.

  3. Thanks so much for that Rex. Not sure where the oragano was originally from but I promised you some, oh, about a year ago!