Thursday, October 18, 2012

Persuasive Writing Sucks.

I know. I am supposed to be 40 next year and I am such an adolescent! But the word sucks, still gives me such satisfaction to use. So I do.

So....It sucks man, it really does. Our 11 year old is not too fond of this persuasive writing method, and I had wondered what all his angst was about, so I investigated.

He is a very verbal child who loves reading and discussion, and he would never use the word sucks, ever. He's just built that way. I know, weird.

So, talk about taking all the fun out of writing. Wow....There is such things as Persuasion maps, and Persuasive Strategy PowerPoint Presentations and checking strategies. About the use of convincing words to sway people to believe what you say. Trick them, you know,.....just a little.

Are they trying to turn everything into advertising, to turn things into a bullshit thing, rather than just write what you see and you feel.

What about writing from your gut, in your own style and your own beliefs, your truth, your way. Why can we not teach our kids this way. Authentically. To listen to others and hear what they say. Not thinking they are only writing that, because they want you to believe in that, regardless of their real thoughts or of their genuine interest.

Do we need to be taught to deceive any more in life. Just for the sell?

I understand there are certain jobs in life that people chose to use words for promotion of products and information. I do. I know this. I get that.

But I think we need to keep it real with kids. To let them find their own unique words to describe their point of view, to explore the meaning of words with poetry, music, and art. Not breaking it down to the most boring of all....boring crap. They need to identify their own thoughts and emotions by expressing and writing what they really think.

I mean, really think.

So, they know themselves. As the growing individuals that they are.

I know why Jonah dislikes it so much. He hates lying. He could never tell lies when he was younger, and hated jokes, He seeks out truth and trust. He just doesn't like to pesuade the world of his beliefs and thoughts. Just wants to express and tell it in his own way. With his own words, in the way he wants.

Nothing wrong with that sweet boy. x


  1. Right on. No argument with that

  2. Well I was hoping for someone to disagree with me so we could have a deep discussion about it! But either all agree, or they Don't Agree, but are not keen on sharing here..... Or no-ones reading..... Either or! Anyways....I showed Jonah it yesterday. He chuckled at my swearing bits... And nodded his agreement, and still confirmed his dislike for it. And I think he was quietly chuffed with his mumma. Which makes my heart sing.

  3. Well Quinn was telling me yesterday something sucked I can't remember what it was related to. But I thought about your post. I don't remember him saying it before although he probably has and I only noticed it because of your post all in all. It's good word to use sometimes.