Thursday, October 25, 2012

Be you.

A thief, with in you.

It takes the form of all kinds of guises.

It sneaks your words, talks them down.

Sabotages your thoughts, turns them to mush and tramples your worth.

Plants a weed, that doesn't belong. Slays your system.

Can't spray it, can't say it.

Don't feed it girl.

You gotta eradicate it. It's outta place, it will smother the indigenous parts of you.

Spread to your heart, make it not yours.

You gotta be you. Don't let those weeds control you.

Pull them out by the roots. Get on your boots.

Start stomping girl.

Be brave, have courage.

Walk, talk, speak, tell.

Say it all.

You pass this earth but once.

Be you. Be strong. Be real.

Create, make, explore, see.

Kick the bullshit to far off places. Don't let the crap fill you up.

Take off the plastic wraps. Let the real you radiate.

Be as bright as the stars on a crisp night.

Be still. Absorb all. Let silence in.

Be the unique you, it will be the most exquisite thing you will feel.

The thief has no place in your heart. Be you and it will not survive.

The real you is the worth of all.

So a couple of days ago I wrote that. Last week I wrote this.

Yesterday I watched this (below) on Eden's Blog. I have to share it. It cuts to what I know and believe. Eden share's from her gut. I love that.

What I have to Offer from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo.

It's all connected. It does not have to be the way of the world.
We are not powerless to change the way.
We make the way.


  1. Word up, Rex. Love this, and love you. Xxxx

    1. Thanks so much Eden, for your inspiration too. xxxoo

  2. Rex, Always be you. Even when the words don't come! And if someone doesn't like it, f*ck 'em. xo

    1. Yes, I can't help be me in the end. And I am really learning to stuff society's terms! Thanks Nell. xxoo

  3. Rex, I love reading your writing. I was reading it wondering, is this Rex's work or some amazing Aboriginal hip hip artist maybe? This piece reminds me of a kids storybook app I came across this week. I think you might appreciate it too. Hope you don't mind if I link to it here.

    1. I like that you like it and get it! I am not sure where that came from.... usually in the middle of the night when the world is quiet and sleep is elusive! I am going to checkout your link.. love links! xo

  4. Wisdom not doctrine. Being who you are not what others want you tone. Very inspiring words . VAl

    1. Thanks mum. I only can be me in the end. Just trying to be honest with what I feel and expresing it all. xo

  5. "To Be" VAl Again