Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everything is stupid.

I have approximately 7 draft posts and they all feel stupid. I feel stupid, so everything feels stupid. I could analyze this stupid feeling like a close friend to my whole life, but that would be.... stupid.

This maybe my 8th draft, we shall see.

So title's of my hoarded drafts are this;

the track.

persuasive writing sucks.

another photo.

the condom packet.

writing to music.

if I fall, I will lay myself down...


Not bad tittles, just stupid content. I don't know why it all feels mucked up, and stupid.. It may have something to do with exposing shit. Maybe.

On my mind right know are these topics;

julia gillard's awesome kick-ass speech.



being creative

what the hell is wrong with me

and.... persuasive writing really does suck!

So there you go, and once I get past this stupid thing, I will return to enjoying writing my stupid things. Unawares.

Heres an extract of something I wrote;

....It is hard to see the real, some days. Memories are sifting and swirling in my head. You get to a point where you can't be the holder of some things anymore, you have to spread your arms wide, so wide it hurts..... and let it go, otherwise it will sink you. Sink you until the air is stolen and there is no breath left..... 

......but what if the very thing you let go, is the very thing that steals.... your breath, anyway.


  1. Woah, where to start?

    First, there's nothing wrong with having a bunch of drafts! Having a bunch of drafts is awesome! You don't have to publish or post everything you start. Maybe you'll return to one of those drafts later and rewrite it with a different approach and it will be amazing, just what you wanted to say. And maybe you won't ever, you'll go in a different direction. No biggie, I think. Sounds like you're putting pressure on yourself because you think everything you write has to be a certain kind of something.

    Sounds also like you could do with an editor-type someone to read through your stuff with you. What about the local writers group?

    The word stupid is actually kind of banned at our place. I don't go so far as to ban words but I discourage it, try to encourage finding better words or framing things differently. (Though sometimes I have to agree with my six year-old, 'Yes, you're right, that IS stupid! . . . his school text book stating that girls play with teddybears and boys don't!).

    But you are not stupid, dear wise Rex.

    You wouldn't let someone get away with calling your children or husband stupid, would you? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. So I'm not going to let you get away with calling yourself stupid either, sorry! I just won't have it!

    Also, I have this song stuck in my head from the muppet movie . . . "Everything is great." Have you seen it? I've watched it too many times and I love it more each time. The song is addictive and always makes me feel good. Sometimes muppets = good therapy.

    Okay, I'll shut up now : )

  2. Did you just transport into my head and see what I was thinking? Holy shit, you know me well. And your right, its not a good word to use, and wayne never uses it, and the kids never say it! You are also right, I am looking for some guidance in terms of writing, editing blah blah.... I don't know of a writing group around here, sounds interesting. I will investigate.

    You really did tap into what was going on inside my head Jen! amazing. Thankyou.

    I am off to check this muppet song out! sounds cool.

    I love what you write in comments! make them as long as you like!

    Thanks dear freind. xxxxoooo

  3. There is a local writers' group but there newsletters are terrible - full of spelling and grammatical mistakes - so I have refused to join!

    1. I am a shocker Leah, I prob would not notice! However I did notice your use of.... there rather than their... newsletter, above. Very unlike you miss. x

    2. OMG! I just noticed it too! I am soooo ashamed ... hahaha, just kidding. It's good to make mistakes sometimes (but that one was pretty bad).

  4. Not too bad, just funny, means we are all human. Funny whilst talking about bad grammar, we do bad grammar! Gotta laugh at that! x