Thursday, December 13, 2012

Driving alone.

I was driving alone today. Mana had her full transition day today for prep. It was stinking HOT. As I drove away I immediately put all the windows down and turned the radio up to full bore. Because  basically...I could. I let the wind whip my hair in to hot tangled ropey mess. 

I drove home. 

I filled up all the animals water. Took the dog for a walk. Washed all the dishes. Hung the washing out.   Wrapped a heap of play-group presents. Vacuumed. Ate lunch. Swept and mopped the floor. Paid some bills. Folded some more washing. Cleaned the dunny. Went to the shops and bought some raspberry drops to fill a santa request. All in an eerie silence..... Then I picked her up.

I missed her. 

She didn't miss me. 

Which is great.

Makes my heart full.

She's happy.


  1. I was the same Rex. It's lovely that they're so capeable but it scared me when I realised that it's the end of an era and I've only really got her for another month. Of course, she'll always be my baby.

  2. Beautiful words, Rex. Even though Zoe started kinder back in September of last year, I am still shocked most days at the silence when she is gone - but at the same time, I crave this silence and need it.